Squamous Cell Carcinoma 


The Second Most Common Form of Skin Cancer.

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a form of NON Melanoma skin cancer that originates from squamous cells in the upper layers of the skin. It is most often seen in areas of chronic sun exposure and sun damage. Other risk factors include smoking (SCC on lips, tongue, oral cavity), burns, radiation therapy,  immunosuppression (e.g. organ transplant patients, leukemia, lymphoma), toxins (e.g. arsenic) and viruses (e.g.human papilloma virus).

  • Appearance: tender, rapidly growing red bump, nodule or ulcer
  • Location: lips, ears, face, back of the hands and lower legs
  • Metastases: high risk on lips, ears, scars and immunosuppressed patients

Risk factors include:

  • Sun sensitivity (including easy burning)
  • A history of excessive sun exposure
  • A family history of non-melanoma skin cancer
  • Exposure to chemical carcinogens
  • Men older than 50 are also in a higher-risk group

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